Supplier Enquiries


Providing Quality Products For Our Local Communities

Thrifty’s combines the diverse shopping experience of local independent stores with the wholesale tactics of large scale retail companies to provide cheaper services, without a drop in quality.

Buy Local

We don’t just stock items from larger suppliers, we also support local suppliers across our multiple locations.

Treating Suppliers Fairly

We look to create a working relationship with our suppliers, in order to build a network of quality partners.

A Growing Business

We are a business that is constantly growing. We want to work with suppliers that are looking to grow alongside us.


We Work With Our Suppliers To Create A True Relationship:

We look to work collaboratively with our stock suppliers in order to build a fair, honest and professional relationship.

Years of Experience:

The team behind Thrifty’s are experienced and have years of retail skill behind them to make for a quality partnership.

Local Products:

Our local focus means that we are always open to working with local suppliers, allowing us to get their stock on our shelves.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We always aim to make our supplier dealings fair and transparent. We look to make quick decisions and always pay to terms.


Supplier Enquiries


Appreciated by our customers

Customer Testimonials

By definition, a convenience store is a small business that stocks a wide range of everyday items – Thrifty’s set out to push the boundaries of this definition by taking advantage of the partnership of Ricky and Micky, who brought their expertise and natural charm to the retail industry. This partnership has been vital in shaping Thrifty’s into a name that you can trust, catering to any budget and need.

“These guys are the best. Been so helpful delivering my shopping when I am unable to get out..The staff are all lovely and Carol makes me laugh. There are some great bargains and Neil always asks how I am when he makes a delivery so I think all in all the shop and staff are fabulous and haven’t got this from anywhere else at all.”

Linda Meyler


“Lovely shop… Lovely staff 😘😘👌👌👍
Convenient location

Great selection · Fresh food · Knowledgeable staff”

Amanda Jane Mcmanus